Carefree could be safer

I moved here with my husband two years ago from Chicago. We were seeking a quieter, less stressful, and safe place to retire to and we found Carefree. With the glaring exception of the new budget hotel that is an eyesore, the town has charm. Regarding safety. A government’s priority to its citizens should be safety.

It’s become very apparent in the two years we’ve lived here that safety needs attention. Cars are constantly going way over the speed limit on Tom Darlington and Cave Creek Rd. The other fact that I just recently became aware of is the shockingly low number of DUIs that were issued in 2021. Four!

Only four DUIs in an entire year? One DUI every three months? With all the events and car and motorcycle traffic going through Cave Creek and Carefree, I find that statistic to be both surprising and alarming! Safety will be a key concern of mine when I vote for Town Council in August. I think Carefree could be made much safer. That’s why I’ll be voting for change and supporting Kathlina Lai, Sven Maric and Duke Vukotic.

Helen Hong