The Case For Sample is Simple

I have known Peter Sample for over a year. He has never been out of Arizona during that time. We had contact at least once a week, and we spoke about current events in Carefree.

As in the military, you know you are over the target when you start receiving flack. Peter, and I, have been lied about from several people. One of the most egregious is from a person calling himself CarefreeMark who misrepresents the truth. Isn’t it interesting that people that would like to misrepresent the truth cannot attach their names to the articles they write?

I can say misrepresent because in the time I have known Peter he has been in Arizona working, he owns his own business, and has obtained a Series 65 Securities License in Arizona to become a financial advisor in Arizona and HAS NOT been outside of the state of Arizona.

Why is it that people have issues with others who have not lived in Carefree for a long period of time? They say that you are not aware of what is going on. There is another party running for Council who has lived around 2 years. Why no attack on her? Peter has been in Carefree since December of 2015. Is 7 years long enough? I have lived in Carefree for 4 years and know a lot of that is going on, and do not like it. Peter also knows a lot of what is going on, which is why he is running for Mayor of Carefree.

Peter has the business and financial experience needed to be the Mayor of a community of 3,690 people. Peter, when he takes office, will review and institute appropriate growth and development, ensure we have fire service that qualifies for auto-aid (much different than mutual aid), will have transparency, and increase public outreach and support term limits. What a concept, a politician who does not want to be around forever. All you need to do is have a succession planning program, to mentor your replacement. He will do this.

So, the case for Peter Sample is simple, vote Peter Sample for Carefree Mayor August 2, 2022. For information and to contact Peter go to

John Mattes