Sven Maric for Carefree Town Council

I am running for Carefree Town Council because the incumbents have been in office for way too long, and business as usual is not good for Carefree.

As your Councilman, I pledge to make public safety my number one priority. Carefree residents deserve first-rate public safety services. The justification to go with the lowest bidder for our fire service is unacceptable and irresponsible. Neighboring fire departments have made it clear that without Automatic Aid, they reserve the right to refuse service to Carefree residents in the event of an emergency. We simply can’t take chances with residents’ lives when seconds count.

Arizona Law requires our General Plan to be updated and put to a public vote every 10 years. The last time Carefree voters saw a General Plan was in 2012 — a decade ago. A lot has happened in the last decade, and yet there’s no updated General Plan for us to vote on in this election. Instead of giving voters the opportunity to weigh in on Carefree’s future, the current administration leveraged a loophole to clear the way to unilaterally bypass the voters. This is unacceptable.

If sales tax revenue is so important, why does a prime commercial building (Los Portales Mall) in the middle of our town remain outdated and underutilized? In addition, the parcel of land at the corner of Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway sits untouched even though it wasrezoned in 2018 to be used commercially. Four years later, it is still a dirt lot even though the current Council has acknowledged that Cave Creek is earning a lot of tax revenue from the businesses at this intersection. As your Councilman, I’ll work to update our existing commercial buildings and develop this parcel of land first, before we destroy more land to build new structures.

Without a doubt, I am capable, ready and willing to serve as your Councilman. I am going to fight hard to secure our town’s future. My background in sales and marketing can be leveraged to attract desirable businesses to Carefree. As a business owner, I will work with our local business owners to help create a thriving Town Center of which wecan be proud. As the second most affluent zip code in Arizona, we do not have to settle for low budget, limited service hotels or fast food businesses. Carefree can be selective.

For the record, I am running in the Town Council race as an individual, and I am not endorsing, aligning or running on a slate with any candidates in the Mayoral race.
Carefree residents will have to make a decision on August 2nd, take a chance with a new candidate who will work to elevate our town to be the jewel in Arizona’s crown, or stick with the incumbents and slide our way down to “any town USA” status.

I would be so honored if you would vote for me for Carefree Town Council in this Primary Election.

Sven Maric
Candidate for Town Counci