Vote for Anna

I’ve always loved our rural lifestyle in Cave Creek, but I never had an interest in political involvement, local or otherwise.

What a mistake that turned out to be.

I became interested locally after returning to obtuse changes that occurred during our road trips away. Change moved at a speed faster than Superman. We know the speeding bullet analogy. People are tired of professional politicians, including some of the “for better or for worse, ’til death do us part” variety currently representing our town. After all, we replace the president every four years, eight at most.
I am impressed by the new slate of candidates running for council seats and their commitment to preserve Cave Creek. As one of these candidates, Anna Marsolo has exercised this tenacity time and again with her local activism and protection of our desert rural zoning and lifestyle. She works well with others, is a natural leader, and tirelessly opposes desert rural property rezoning.

Anna helped draft a letter of opposition to prevent the rezoning of 18 acres of desert rural to Commercial Buffer on the Bob Kite amendment application, preventing additional multi-dwelling units (directly north of Galloway Ridge). This would have further amended our General Plan. This opposition galvanized the community, gaining citizen support with over 200 signatures submitted (mine included, which is how I first heard of Anna). Meeting resistance, the applicant withdrew his amendment. Anna received thank-yous from many appreciative Cave Creek residents for her role, one she has fulfilled countless times throughout her years in Cave Creek.

A vote for Anna is a vote for protecting our existing zoning and the preservation of our rural, eclectic, western, artistic, and historical lifestyle.

Terry Webb
Cave Creek