Support for Sample

As a visitor to Carefree over the past 20 years and now a full time resident for the last two years, my support is behind Peter Sample.

My husband Bob and I met Peter at a neighbor’s “Meet and Greet” and after much discussion we were impressed with his knowledge, business savvy and compassion for Carefree.

I believe Peter will be a positive influence in that he wants to create a balance between preserving open spaces and development. He also supports term limits, public safety and transparency.

Carefree is in need of a change of mayor as well as the city council. So I am also supporting Kathlina Lai, Sven Maric and Duke Vukotic.

Hampton Inn and planned commercial developments are ruining Carefree.
If we keep following the trajectory of the last group we will just be an extension of Scottsdale and no longer the unique city in the beautiful desert for which Carefree is known.

Deborah Francesconi, R.N.