Small Town Nonpartisan Election; How to choose?

It is the season for signs everywhere displaying names and pleas for your vote.

All of us are part of the decision which will be made on August 2. Whether or not you are “political”, what you do about this election here in your Town does make a difference.

Each of us decided to live in Cave Creek and that decision should be a big part of how you vote. While it is not necessary to list reasons for living here in this writing, you should remember why you chose this special spot. Your interest in living in Cave Creek has an influence on your vote.

Candidates too have reasons for why they want a chair on the Town council. Some have written carefully about why they are running, and some have not. Some candidates have a long history as council members. Some have never run before.

Incumbents who have contributed to the Town’s legislation can point to their view of “benefits” and council members who have not introduced local legislation cannot.

New voices seeking a council chair will point to work they have done in other experiences. Do those experiences translate to a benefit for a chair on the Cave Creek Council?

For incumbents, and for new voices, there are important points of reference for you to consider. I believe that all politics are local. In Cave Creek I hope your first consideration is whether you know who you are voting for. How do YOUR INTERESTS align with the name you choose? First person knowledge is best! Attend any forum you can!
Each of us is influenced by an array of information, and some of it is true and as we well know some information is uninformed. Knowing where information originates is essential and asking for proofs of claims being made give each of us better perspective.

This election is a formal question to you from our Town, asking for your thoughts about what’s ahead for us and who will lead that direction. Ballots will arrive in early July, so when it comes mark your ballot and get it in! If your choice is not to vote, remember that too is an important choice.

Paul Eelkema