Pocketbook impact

Dear Editor, friends and neighbors in Carefree,
As a resident of Cave Creek whose home happens to be located in a subdivision in Carefree, I am in the unhappy situation of having lost my town water as a result of decisions made by Carefree councilmembers. Yes, I am one of the 500+ poor souls who is ‘suffering’ from ‘non-Carefree’ water. The only protection I sought was to maintain service from my town water, but that was not to be. In the nine years we have lived here, we have had one instance of silty water following the flushing of hydrants in our development. A call to Cave Creek Water brought an immediate response that resolved the problem.

But it seems that despite this history, we still need to be ‘rescued’ from Cave Creek water. I am stunned by the amount of money that Carefree, or rather its elected officials, have decided to spend, on behalf of its residents, all, purportedly, to save us from Cave Creek Water.

But wait. Is there another possibility?
I note with interest that well before the term limits vote in August, work was begun swiftly at the Boulders site, along Tom Darlington to Carefree Highway and now onward to the corner of Carefree Highway and Cave Creek Road. Curiously, the large piece of open land at that corner, across from CVS, has no water to it (yet). In the 1990s, neighbors, including myself, as I lived in Carefree at that time, fought successfully to prevent its development and rezoning. Now this piece of property has been zoned commercial by this council and thus is ripe for a shopping center when it has water. This course of action was brought to you by the same council that brought the overpowering Hampton Inn to what was once quaint and charming little Carefree downtown.

I fear that it’s too late to reverse the alarming $32 million expenditure by your current council but hope that whatever they plan for the northeast corner generates lots of money to pay for the cost of running water to it and that you, the citizens, will be proud of it.

I also hope that you who live in Carefree will examine and analyze the impact that your current council has had on your town and your pocketbook, and vote with prudence at your next election.

Stephanie and Steve Bradley