No on Prop 473 and 474

In this election, two term limit initiatives, both which will limit voter choice and limit representation within local Carefree government, will appear on Town of Carefree ballots. I URGE YOU TO VOTE NO ON BOTH PROP 473 AND 474.

Terms limits take away the right to run from those who wish to run. Term limits take away the right of voters to vote for candidates for whom they may wish to vote. When elected officials are mandatorily removed from office by law, rather than the voting booth, potential experience and depth of knowledge on the Town Council become less.

As collective Council experience and knowledge shrink, input and recommendations by Town Staff carry more and more weight. The likelihood of Town Staff having an oversized influence on local Town decisions and direction increases, and the power of elected officials lessens. The fact is democracy is better served when voters make the choice.Today every two years Carefree voters go to the polls to elect our Mayor and Council.

If the voters wish to limit terms served, elected officials can be turned out every two years. In addition, elected officials can be, should the voters decide, recalled during their two-year term.Historically, Town of Carefree elected officials do not go on to seek higher office. None are financially enriched through their service to the Town.

Why limit democracy, local government representation and the effectiveness of our local government through terms limits when our two-year election cycles provide the best term limits possible?I hope you will vote No against both Carefree term limit initiatives, Prop 473 and 474.

Thank you.

Richard R. Burns
Cave Creek