John Crane – Integrity and Service

I want to voice my support for Carefree Vice Mayor John Crane as the next mayor of Carefree. There are many reasons why John is qualified for this position, but the ones I want to focus on is his integrity and service to his community. As a US Navy submarine officer he was part of a highly select group of Naval officers. During the time that John served it was the height of the cold war and our submarines force played a very important role in deterring Soviet aggression. The officers in the submarine fleet, like John, were hand picked by Admiral Hyman Rickover, the founder of the nuclear Navy, and had to live up to the highest standards of behavior including high integrity. John has continued to exhibit this characteristic in his role as our vice mayor.

The other area that I would like to address is John’s commitment to service that began with his US Navy service. He has continued to carry out his commitment to service in his life. I could give a lot of examples but the the one I am more familiar with is that when I coordinate furniture and household goods moves for disabled veterans, I can always call on John to be part of the moving team.

I want to have a major with integrity and a commitment to service and John is that person.

Mike Wold
US Navy Veteran
Veterans for Crane Committee