Experience not the litmus test

Carefree Mayor Les Peterson keeps writing about the importance of “experience” when it comes to voting for Town Council candidates as though it were the sole litmus test to running a successful government. Allow me to share my observations of what “experience” has resulted in here in Carefree.

  1. Experience resulted in a four-story budget hotel that is an eyesore by every measure (goodbye dark skies); I have yet to meet one resident who appreciates it
  2. Experience resulted in a very controversial $32M water project that benefits ~500 residents (including three Council Members) who were well aware that their homes were supplied by Cave Creek water when they initially purchased them
  3. Experience resulted in many useless signs about an 80-decibel noise ordinance (that cannot be enforced)
  4. Experience resulted in ineffective signs prohibiting ATVs from driving through washes; ineffective because the ordinance is not enforced; they still drive through my wash regularly
  5. Experienced Town Council Members ask virtually no questions or engage in any discussion at meetings, and yet still consistently vote 7-0 (that is called groupthink in my book)
    If this is what “experience” gets Carefree residents who moved here seeking a safe, quiet, and idyllic community, then I’m voting for inexperience this August!

Mike Davitt