Carefree Election Comments

As full-time Carefree residents since 2003, we are extremely concerned with the caustic rhetoric, misrepresentation of issues, and the attack on both the character and intent of the current Carefree Mayor and Town Council members. Originally initiated by a small group of Boulders residents upset with the placement of the water tank, under the disguise of the Eminent Domain ballot initiative, they seek the removal of the tank at the expense of Carefree citizens. A classic case of “NIMBY”.  In addition, their Term Limits initiative impacts continuity of leadership by placing service limitations and imposing a lifetime ban. 

It is reasonable to question the level of experience and involvement in Carefree of each candidate.  In contrast to our CURRENT Town Council members, some of the new candidates for Town Council and Carefree Mayor are relatively new to the community and have had little or no involvement in town or community activities.  Rather than offering realistic options for addressing a problem, the constant attacks and weak platforms demonstrate a limited understanding of the scope of challenges facing Carefree. 

We applaud the current Carefree Mayor and Town Council for their dedication and commitment to improving Carefree. We are part of the 25% who have been on Cave Creek water for years patiently waiting to receive the same level of water quality and service as the rest of Carefree. We believe Carefree is best served by a qualified dedicated Council and Mayor. We support: John Crane, Vince D’Aliesio, Tony Geiger, Steve Hatcher, Mike Johnson, Cheryl Kroyer, and Sheila Amoroso.

Prop 472 vote NO (Open space eminent domain initiative)
Prop 473 vote NO (Term limits with lifetime ban)
PROP 474 vote YES (4-year term with staggered terms)

Nancy Keller, RN
Jim Whitmer, Navy Veteran