Sample makes bid for Carefree mayoral slot

My name is Peter Sample, and I reside in Carefree with my wife and two children. I am pleased to announce my candidacy for mayor in the upcoming elections on August 2, 2022.

I’m the owner of a successful production company and although I might not have a familiar political background, my admiration for our town gives me the leading edge to implement meaningful change.

My family moved to Carefree because of the beautiful preservation of the Sonoran Desert and the simplicity it offers, but my opponent’s actions show favor in stripping the uniqueness away from our town. These actions are what urged me to take a stance to protect Carefree and run for mayor.

I firmly believe there is an opportunity for development in Carefree to generate revenue. Yet, it needs to be balanced and suitable for the community, focusing on preserving open spaces.

Like many Carefree residents, I was outraged with the addition of a 4-story chain hotel. Now more than ever we need strong and effective leaders to put the issues affecting our community at the forefront.
Our current town government has made decisions that are not in the best interest of all Carefree residents. It appears commercial interest has taken precedence over the desires of the residents of our community. The future of Carefree will be subject to growth in the wrong direction if a change is not made among our elected officials; most of whom have been calling the shots for far too long.

My childhood upbringing consisted of a military household where honesty, integrity, and accountability were instilled in me at a young age and I am confident I will use those skills to serve my community in the best way possible.
As Carefree Mayor, my priority is balanced growth and development. Future developments must be aligned with the values of Carefree residents and avoid slipping into an extension of the vast over-development that has occurred in Scottsdale. In addition, I will address the public safety issue regarding our fire department and ensure that we become a member of the regional automatic-aid system. I will also increase public outreach and communication with Carefree residents regarding upcoming plans and projects.

My policies and views are drastically different from my opponent, who is currently the vice mayor. To learn more information about me please visit my website,