Cave Creek Museum seeks volunteers to complete tasks

The Cave Creek Museum seeks a number of volunteers for myriad tasks that must be completed before the museum opens on Saturday, October 1 following its May 31, 2022 closure for summer.

“Even though the museum closes briefly during summer, we will be very busy preparing for the new season,” says Evelyn Johnson, interim executive director. “For volunteers, it is fun and interesting work and a great opportunity to learn about the exhibits and the museum’s famed history. Our volunteers love spending time here.”

Johnson says they are looking for volunteers to: develop educational plans for the museum website and lesson plans for students and homeschoolers; perform administrative duties; database entry; letter writing; answering phones and more. Some of the tasks will need to be completed at the museum and others can be done remotely. Interested volunteers can learn more at

“Even though lived full time in Desert Foothills, I knew little history about my area,” says Karen Bullard, museum docent (volunteer). “I read articles about Cave Creek Museum in local publications and decided to get involved with the museum as a fun way to learn more. Being a volunteer is enjoyable as a learning experience, plus I get to know more local people and meet museum visitors from out of the area.”

“There are so many tasks to accomplish when we close our doors to the public: calendar planning, fund-raising, program decisions, painting and mailings to say nothing of the exhibit changes that will take shape,” says Johnson.
If you can help make these changes happen, please send an email to or call 480.488.2764.