Areas of Consideration for Carefree Town Council Election

Residents have inquired if I utilized a checklist to help distinguish between candidates when the Town Council is appointing a new Council member to fill a vacancy. Since this is election season, and the criteria used to vote for a Council member is in many respects identical to that which could be utilized to appoint one, I offer the following criteria for consideration.
Each candidate should:

  1. Be knowledgeable of and interested in all of the important issues impacting Carefree residents, and not just be focused on one issue of particular interest to them
  2. Have an open and analytical mind
  3. Have a proven track record of successful accomplishments
  4. Work well with others and have a history of constructive community involvement
  5. Be knowledgeable of Carefree’s history, have a vision for Carefree’s future, but be open to knowledgeable input
  6. Be informed, impartial and fair in their judgement and actions
  7. Bring forward alternatives for consideration, analysis and discussion rather than just criticizing the ideas and possible solutions of others
  8. Support what they believe to offer the greatest good for Carefree residents
  9. Use the office for the greater public good, not for personal gain or gains for a few
  10. Conduct deliberations and processes openly in an atmosphere of respect and civility

Les Peterson
Carefree Mayor