Would you take up arms? Part 2

In my last article I spoke of a possible scenario in the United States mirroring what is occurring in Ukraine. Today I’d like to dig a little deeper into what that might look like here at home. There are several factors that play into what a major crisis would look like in our country. Many current events are forcing this country and its citizens into a lower standard of living. I am not an economics major nor can I explain in detail the reason for the inflation that we are seeing today, but like you, I purchase products daily that are needed to survive and sustain life and I know they are getting more expensive.

In the 20 years that I served in law enforcement, I dealt with several different types of criminals and saw that a high percentage of criminals began committing crimes due to a need for something; whether it was stealing to get what they needed or stealing items to then sell and in turn purchase what they needed. At some point many of them decided that this lifestyle was either convenient or just continued to be necessary to get the things they needed to survive. I’m not even including those that steal to support addictions.

Now this behavior might derive from a necessity but can also initiate from simple greed and laziness. Then, there are people in this world that I call Opportunists, in other words if the opportunity makes it easy for them to commit crimes, then they will. Example: when a large mob is rioting in the streets, several who are not typically criminals might feel the urge to follow the crowd, i.e., committing criminal damage and looting. These people can be very dangerous if you interfere with their plan or mission.

Looking back to the general status of our country, it is clear that inflation is skyrocketing and the cost of everything is shooting through the roof. This can be a recipe that could create additional dangerous people…the man that can no longer provide for his family. This can be your normal law-abiding citizen that is in dire need.

Now don’t get me wrong, even with my Law Enforcement background I always try to see the good in someone before I recognize the evil. I’m not saying that every person that cannot provide for their family will turn to a life of crime. Unfortunately, the number of persons who will resort to crime will undoubtably increase.

We are facing unprecedented times and threats will come at us from different directions. Outside threats from other nations, criminals, those who now resort to crime for everyday necessities, and even some from our own government. How will you survive through these times? How will you recognize which category of person with whom you are confronted?

There are many things to think about and your course of action is determined by you. Now I believe whatever I give will come back to me ten-fold. But determining when to give and when to hold back will be challenging. I don’t want to hoard if someone comes to me in need, even a stranger. It could be challenging times. Survival is key but I will not change my morals just to survive. I will help others as much as I can, without being taken advantage of or putting those I love at risk.

I hope people have thought about what could become of our nation and have also prepared in some capacity. In the article before this one I spoke about those that disregard the possibility of needing to protect themselves, disregarding the changes that are happening in our country.

I hope everyone takes the time to prepare so they are not a burden to others. However, if they crossed my path, even temporarily it would be my desire to help them to get up to speed so that they could provide and become an asset to survival versus a burden.

Once again, there’s a lot to consider. We cannot be about ourselves only. Security works better in groups and every individual will not come with the same knowledge, equipment, and provisions you might have.

Be prepared to face each of the individuals I mentioned. Be on guard and show empathy. Carry a big stick but walk with an even bigger heart.

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Oz Johnson/Lead Instructor, NRA Certified