Ecclesia, Church at the Chip celebrates 10-Year Anniversary/Homecoming

Steve Gilbertson, Pastor, in the center with the guitar and black hat.

In the Heart of Cave Creek, for the Heart of Cave Creek

On Sunday, April 10, Palm Sunday, the Church at the Chip will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary, where else but at the Buffalo Chip Saloon! As Pastor Steve Gilbertson says, “This church is in the heart of Cave Creek, for the heart of Cave Creek.” It ministers to quite an eclectic crowd who come with a love for the Word of God and the western way of life, hardy folks who like the fresh air and Bluegrass/Western gospel music.
When and where?

Church is held outdoors behind the Buffalo Chip Saloon (6823 E. Cave Creek Rd) on Sunday mornings at 9:00. A covered canopy, mesquite trees, large fans and misters give plenty of shade in summer, and fire pits and heaters and good old sunshine keeping folks comfortable in winter.
What kind of name is Ecclesia?

Ecclesia is the word which is translated “church” in our Bibles. A better translation would have been “congregation,” or “assembly.” For while “church” suggests a building, ecclesia refers to a people — a people who are called, gathered, and sent.

Is Church at the Chip a cowboy church?
Yes, although people of all walks of life enjoy it, most people think of it as a cowboy church simply because of the meeting location: outdoors behind a western saloon. Some are cowboys, some ranchers, some enjoy dressing in the western style, and some don’t even own a cowboy hat!
All are invited to come for a special Homecoming/Anniversary service on Palm Sunday, April 10, 2022 at 9 am. For more information, please contact

Priscilla Bokhara at 440 339-2871 or Jana Morris 480 620-4315.