Re: Nov. 17 Frosty Guest Editorial

Gee Grandpa, Those kids just won’t get off your lawn will they? Nothing like sitting down to your Tandy computer and pecking out a babbling batch of chum to release a little steam, Huh? You must have had a deadline to get your comic book to the editor on time to come up with numbers like that on the fly.

“He should not allow our citizens to hate/despise/distrust other citizens for the color of their skin.” And that little pearl of wisdom from you is immediately followed by–”Next on that agenda: flood the country with illegal foreigners who have no affinity toward or any allegiance to the United States. In fact, flood their languages, cultures, religions and incompatible world views into our country with such numbers that we become fragmented beyond repair”. Do you even read what you write?

“Is anyone in America thinking about these questions?” No Frosty, they aren’t, just weirdo conspiracy believers. Now, get someone to help you out to the front porch and remember if those kids don’t get off your lawn you can always shoot them. Just don’t be stupid enough to record yourself. I’ll be expecting a video any day now on the nightly news.

Bob Hurlbut
Lincoln, Nebraska