Greetings from Four Seasons Home Services for a cool yule and a warm abode

Marielle D. Marne

CAVE CREEK – It’s hard not to notice the plethora of price increases and the scarcity of some everyday day items on store shelves. As neighbors and owners of Four Seasons Home Services (and its sister company Scottsdale Customized Home Services), Kevin and Jessica Morriston feel the pinches, too, so they wanted to give a heads-up to anyone thinking about replacing an HVAC unit or even water heater to consider it sooner than later.

“We’re seeing price increases from our vendors every three months,” Jessica lamented. “And they have been considerable, anywhere from 15 to 20 percent. And of course, it’s harder to get parts. We just want everyone to be aware and either budget for or think about getting a replacement if someone is on the fence, so to speak, since temperatures have been abnormally high. We’d hate to see anyone get stuck without heat or air, especially with the holidays so close.”

The best advice to keep your HVAC running is to maintain it. Four Seasons offers money-savings maintenance agreements for $145/unit. This includes two Complete Peak Performance Maintenance visits a year, same day service guarantee, 15 percent discount on diagnostic/repairs and more. If interested in a winter tune, for a limited time, Four Seasons is offering a $75/unit checkup (normally $85). Call (480) 489-3210 for an appointment.

Both Four Seasons Home Services and Scottsdale Customized Home Services are thriving and growing. “We so appreciate our community and thank everyone for their patronage and support,” the Morristons offered.

If away for the holidays or thinking about jetting off in 2022, Jessica said Scottsdale Customized Home Services is truly as its name implies – customized. “We are a concierge service. We do whatever homeowners need. Our vendors also experience delays with shipping, or say, the lack of an ingredient for pest control or in carpet cleaning chemicals, so try to schedule with us early so we can help you out!” she urged.

Whether you need heating, cooling, plumbing, a new Wi-Fi thermostat or home watch services, this family owned and operated company is happy to assist. Four Seasons even partnered with Payzer to offer financing options that include 12-months zero interest. See details on