Congress needs to act soon on medical care

Unless Congress acts, and soon, our nation’s most vulnerable citizens will be at risk to no longer receive the specialized medical care that they so desperately need.

Throughout this pandemic, my fellow physicians and I have been fighting on the frontlines to treat some of our nation’s most susceptible patients. This includes the elderly and disabled, who are covered by Medicare and make up nearly 20% of the U.S population. Now, they are being targeted and have the most to lose.

Many of my colleagues in the healthcare community have become severely impacted by the pandemic. In addition to the substantial risk and strenuous circumstances, many are taking on significant financial losses, forcing them to close their doors and turn away new and at-risk patients. And many physicians who have been able to stay open have had to do so using their own savings and capital to continue providing their patients with the best possible care.  

The sober reality is these scheduled payment cuts could lead to disastrous consequences for the nation’s healthcare community – now when we need them the most. However, this issue is entirely preventable, which is why I’m calling on Congress to do what’s right and put an end to these cuts before the implementation deadline of January 1, 2022. Afterall, and especially now given everything on their plates, physicians shouldn’t be forced to abandon their patients and their profession.

Thank you,

James Smith M.D.

P.S. Don Sorchych will be missed, I have enjoyed the Sonoran News for years, keep it up!