Star gazing, financials and subdivision exceptions

With five items on the agenda, Hidden Canyon was the focal point at the regular Monday night, Nov. 1 meeting of the Cave Creek Town Council.

The remaining items included:

  • Approved Town Sponsorship for the November 7, 2021 Stargazing event at the Town owned Phoenix Mine Site Property which authorizes the Town to provide liability insurance coverage for the event.
  • Authorized the scope of services for Round Consulting Group for Phase 2 for an amount not to exceed $39,985.
  • Approved a Cooperative Purchasing Agreement contract with Weber Water Resources, to complete repairs to the Galvin Well in Desert Hills.
  • Awarded a contract to Okanogan trail Constriction Company for an amount not to exceed $37,460 for construction of a non-motorized trail easement with the Town’s Right of Way along Spur Cross Road.
  • Approved the rental of emergency pumps and storage tanks at the Rancho Manana Lift Station.
  • Approved a budget transfer of $40,378 from the General Fund Contingency Reserve Account (01-013100-2949) to the General Fund, Attorney Department, Professional Services line item (01-003100-2049).

While there was considerable discussion/public hearing regarding Hidden Canyon’s agenda items, there appeared to be some confusion over issues related to the General Plan, zoning and/or the purpose of exceptions for subdivisions. Duly noted were the global comments rather than specific comments directed to the exception itself.

In addition, it was noteworthy that council members Royer and Morris recused themselves from participating/voting on Hidden Canyon items, citing an email and potential “compromise.”

(Editor’s note: due to the community input and potential misquotes and/or points out of context, Sonoran News strongly recommends that interested parties view the video of the entire proceedings provided on the town web site at