Bomb threat at Cactus Shadows

The day after an apparent bomb threat at Cactus Shadows, I wrote to the CCUSD School Board, the Scottsdale police, and the MSCO to express my concerns about how the situation was handled on campus. We were all fortunate that there was no actual device—it appears to have been only a misunderstanding (or a hoax at the worst.)

I am pleased to report that the Board responded to me promptly and agreed with my observations. There’s no need now to detail the procedural errors I perceived. I’m satisfied that the District is addressing the problems.

They told me that the District is working with law enforcement to improve staff training, evacuation procedures, and communications within the school and community. The schools will conduct safety drills periodically and debrief with staff and law enforcement should any similar event occur again.

No family wants to hear that their children’s school was evacuated, but I believe safety is the top priority for the CCUSD, and they are working to improve further. Staying safe is a job that’s never finished.
Respectfully yours,

Gary Rector
Cave Creek