Good letter

Dear Editor, 

In the letter from Ray Torres, he certainly hit all the high (or low) spots of this debacle in Afghanistan.  He is one of the few who mentioned Osama bin Laden.  If getting him was our goal, we could have begun planning our withdrawal for the next day.   

After listing all the things that went wrong, surely our future leaders will understand that nothing goes well in a ground war and never involve the US in another 

The United States has the most superior air power in the world. The F-35 Fighter Jet is  radar-evading, high-tech, super-sonic, and can collect, analyze and share data making it a force multiplier enhancing surface and ground-based assets in battlespaces.  

There will be future wars, but our national security will be off in better hands of the highly trained F-35 pilots. God bless those who served. Never again. 


David Matthews 

Cave Creek