Liberty/Black Mountain Sewer Rate Increase now in effect in Carefree

Many Carefree residents are now receiving an increase to $91.92/month in their wastewater billing from Liberty/Black Mountain Sewer.
The primary purpose of the rate increase was attributed to the decommissioning and closure of the wastewater plant within the Boulders and the required re-routing of the effluent flows into the Scottsdale system.

While expenditures were focused on system improvements within the Boulders, by ACC policy, costs are spread evenly to all system users.

Town of Carefree, working in concert with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), its Staff, the Residential Utility Consumer Office, the Utility and others, worked long and hard to reduce the amount of the increase approved by the ACC to approximately $12.00/month, $4.00/month of which will terminate after four years.
This is the first increase in monthly rates since 2016.