Crime stories

Last week the Arizona Republic did a feature article outlining their new policy regarding how they will now report crime stories. 
I read with great interest the treatise by P. Kim Bui, who holds the rather nebulous title of ‘Director for Product and Audience Innovation’. 

Although I am well aware of that publication’s pandering stand on all things politically correct, their decision to limit the use of mugshots is particularly disturbing. 

I do, of course, see their point . . . using a mug shot might help identify a criminal and lead to his or her arrest. And then that criminal may be incarcerated. And likely go on trial and maybe even be found guilty. Then, heaven forbid, be sentenced to prison. Surely we can’t let that happen! 

I plead with the Arizona Republic to stop their liberal blatherings and return to a state of normalcy. Crime is crime and criminals are criminals. Is that too difficult for the Gannett braintrust to understand? 
Oh, and by the way, how about doing away with that ‘woke’ job title and with the savings they can hire a couple of proofreaders. 

James L. Vail