Cave Creek takes major step toward fire protection

The regular Monday, August 16 meeting of the Cave Creek Town Council was highlighted by the unanimous approval to enter into both a lease and purchase agreement, a first step towards having its own fire station —“a process that would allow the Town of Cave Creek to become a participant in the Regional Automatic Aid System. A major component of this larger goal was for the Town of Cave Creek to identify and obtain an appropriate property that can be used to provide emergency fire and medical services for the Town.”
Approved, 7-0.

Terms of both agreements are posted on the town’s web site and agenda.

While major concerns were shared regarding long and short-term financing, potential tax and/or bond scenarios, there were assurances of transparency issues and a consensus of approval from both council members and residents. Jim Ford, Deputy Fire Chief, was lauded for his efforts throughout.

Thank yous were voiced to both Rural Metro and Daisy Mountain for their cooperation and assistance during this transition.
In other business:

  • Motion to authorize the Town Manager to approve the purchase of five (5) FY2021/22 Fleet Vehicles utilizing existing State procurement contracts or other best available pricing that meets the Town’s procurement code. The Total cost of the vehicle purchases shall not exceed $270,000.
    Approved, 7-0.
  • Motion to approve the purchase of two (2) new high pressure FLYGT Pumps from James Cooke & Hobson, Inc for the Rancho Manana Lift Station in an amount not to exceed $72,000.
    Approved, 7-0.