25th Anniversary: Spur Cross retrospective

(Editor’s note — the original print was June 18, 1997
and the original headline was: Annexation becomes official)

Our retrospective on Saving Spur Cross clearly reveals the dogged determination of Friends of Spur Cross Coalition, the mayor and council of and attorney for the Town of Cave Creek.

We have yet to hear from a very serious Spur Cross preservation supporter, Sonoran News Publisher and Editor Don Sorchych. In his inimitable style, he carried the torch for the citizens of the Town of Cave Creek and residents of the entire foothills area. His My View columns provide an overview of many of the end-runs and hurdles encountered and high praise for those who did their jobs well.
On the subject of people who did their jobs well, the letters written by Sen. John McCain were initiated by and at the urging of Friends of Spur Cross founder Gary Schmitt. Schmitt and McCain’s State Director in Arizona (formerly Chief of Staff in his DC office) Deb Gullet worked together to determine to whom letters should be sent about the potential devastation of Spur Cross. In the last issue we listed the names and titles of McCain letter recipients.

Please note the article on the successful annexation of the land north of town including Spur Cross Ranch. Jurisdiction was transferred from Maricopa County to the Town of Cave Creek. Special kudos to Tom Irvine, an individual Don Sorchych gave high praise.
Many moving parts on so many fronts during the 42-months it took to accomplish their mission!

Stay tuned.