Disorder, coming to a neighborhood near you?

There is so much happening in our Country right now, you really do not have a true feeling of who is with you and who is against you. So many decisions and policies being put into place by our government and local authorities appear to be nothing of what the majority want. What I do see happening is these policies are creating disorder. Dis-or-der: a state of confusion. Disrupt the systematic functioning or neat arrangement of.

Now we just went through over a year of following rules and procedures that many of us did not agree with or even understand. Many of these rules ruined peoples lives financially, physically, psychologically, etc. etc. Was all that worthwhile? Was all of it necessary? I heard someone mention what we have been through the last year as “Disciplined into Disorder.” I will not go much more into why I feel this disorder is happening or that a more catastrophic disorder is inevitable, but I do want to speak about how to prepare for it.
I have written in the past about situational awareness and how it is so important to avoid or react to a threat. But disorder, or civil disorder can come to you and in a way that most people have never experienced

My priority in protecting my family from becoming victims of civil disorder is to surround myself with like-minded people who are trained in self-protection and who are ready to do anything necessary to survive. I have trained all my adult life in self defense and firearms, but I know that against a crowd of several people, I need others with me. Now many reading this article might be thinking that I am a warmonger or over exaggerating what might take place in this country. If you feel that way, then do not prepare, don’t train, don’t get with like-minded friends, and don’t create a plan to survive.

My inner security circle involves friends that are like minded, and by that I do not mean politically, religiously, or anything else other than they believe in law and order and the right to protect oneself and those they love. (John 15-13) If disorder comes to our front door, our first position should be is that we have the right to defend ourselves and protect our families. That is number one, then comes the fact that we train together. Now please understand that I am not talking about starting a militia, but I am talking about getting a group that will stand with you in protection of you and yours.

So, how do you begin this process of preparedness? Think of the things you need to survive. Besides weapons and training with them, what else can you not do without? Power, water, food, communications, medical care. Begin to think of these things and set up reserves and equipment that you will need to get by. To survive. Doing this and getting these things in place are simple compared to having the best people around you to be victorious if disorder comes your way. These things have happened, and they will not stop. Research history where this has happened before. During Hurricane Katrina disorder reined in the streets of New Orleans. To make things worse the authorities removed guns from law abiding citizens. During the LA Riots in 1992 Law Enforcement was overwhelmed and citizens had to take up arms to protect themselves. Look at what is happening right now in South Africa. Could you see that happening here? It has been here, and I am afraid it is not going away. Prepare, and never stop training.

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Oz Johnson/Lead Instructor, NRA Certified