Happy 35th Anniversary, Cave Creek!

Cave Creek voters chose independence on Election Day July 8, 1986

True grit. Cave Creek citizens have always been known for their character. The election on July 8, 1986 was the culmination of 15 months of aggressive action by doggedly determined members of the community led by members of the Cave Creek Incorporation Committee: John Hoeppner, Cheri Hoeppner, Jacky Davis, Don Radke, Jo Walker, Ed Walker, Jim Threadgill, Jim Hines, Ted Rothman (Chairman), Betty Garrison, Carl Bixler, Paul Helms, Rupert Johnson, Susan Svitak, Bill Webster, and Bernice Webster.

The Commemorative Edition of the Cave Creek Messenger, which was published only once, is informative as to the state of things in Cave Creek at the time of the vote to incorporate).

“Today Cave Creek’s famous Fiesta Days Parade is oe of the largest horse-drawn parades. Our Fiesta Days Rodeo is now sanctioned by the Turquoise Circuit, PRCA, and is held in our own Memorial Rodeo Arena.

“Cave Creek’s Desert Foothills Library has now been operating out of its new building for nearly ten years.

“Cactus Shadows High School’s 1986 graduates were the first students to complete their high school education in our new school.

“Also this year, the Mother’s Club Phone Book celebrated its 25th anniversary, and ground was broken for the new Cave Creek Museum.”

Cave Creek had previously attempted to incorporate, the last time in 1979, before Carefree incorporated and large-scale annexations by Phoenix and Scottsdale which brought those communities within annexing distance of Cave Creek.
Betty Garrison commented in the Cave Creek Messenger, published by the Cave Creek Incorporation Committee, “…Our biggest hurdle was in getting the permission of three neighboring cities to even allow us to go for incorporation, and it’s not likely we’ll ever be able to do that again.”

Credit is given to the Zoning Committee of the Cave Creek Improvement Association for their work which put Cave Creek in an excellent position to begin its own planning process. Funding, budgets, and spending projections were also available and well documented.

The voters had much to preserve for their future. The time was right and the voters chose independence. Happy 35th Anniversary, Cave Creek! And thank you to all who worked together to ensure success.

[Editor note: Special thanks to John Hoeppner for The July 8, 1986 Cave Creek Messenger which is published in its entirety online at www.SonoranNews.com. It is well worth a read.]