“Smell Gone, Stink Remains: Last Shot”

Liberty Ratepayers, it is almost over, the Hearings are done, the last Briefs are in, the only things remaining is the STINK of the Liberty Case and to see if the Administrative Law Judge has hopefully listened to the positioning and pleas of us ratepayers… and the support of the Resident Utility Consumer Office (RUCO) to hold the line and REJECT Liberty’s compromised rate proposal of “only” 20% which Liberty seems to feel we should applaud and be happy!

The other thing remaining is for you ratepayers to write to the Commissioners and ask them, on your behalf, to represent your interests, and REJECT any rate increase, as it is NOT merited based on Liberty’s weak financial presentations and their squandering of time by taking two decades to close this noxious odor generating WWT plant and collection system. Keep in mind, Liberty’s plant closure estimates were NOT based on detailed engineering and design analysis, nor did their estimates include actual site conditions, nor municipal (Scottsdale and Carefree) sewer design and placement requirements. They even failed to recognize that the area around the Boulders was possibly going to be a “hard dig” with all those boulders and outcroppings around that area.
Again, the ACC agreement expense total was $3.8 Million that was “not to be exceeded,” yet the total came in at over $11 million with no notice to any legal parties or ratepayers! Let Liberty hear your applause with your resounding letters to the ACC Commissioners:

There is still time: Write to them at:
ACC Commissioners:
AZ Corporate Commission
Docket Control No. SW-02361A-19-0139
1200 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Or go to the ACC site at https://efiling.azcc.gov/online-service/utilities-public comment-external to directly file your comments.
Many thanks,

Bob Moore