Dr. Rick response

Thank you for your response and opinion piece re: the maverick Doctor. My girlfriend and I moved here about 2 years ago , and love it here. We used to live in Seattle, and briefly in Palm Desert before arriving here. Our attraction here was climate, municipality, and a seeming sense of community -live and let live. After living here a while we become saddened by some who exhibited little or any regard for a “different “ opinion other than a blind, lemming like adoration for Trumpian politics. To be sure , we would be what one might call liberals, yet we never wore “liberal “ attire , flags, etc promoting what we might think on a particular subject. We thought in our social naivete` that wearing a tee shirt promoting a controversial topic, abortion, socialized medicine, etc was not conducive nor a positive way to discuss said issues(or others). Yet all around us , there were signs, flags, shirts, banners promoting Mr. Trump and his skewed agenda. Mr. Trump is not a conservative, say like Reagan, Eisenhower, McCain, or Goldwater , but rather a self-promoting man who knows how to push buttons on us all.

As we got closer to the election, I think we all saw , a certain frenzy of Mr. Trump to win at all costs. When this didn’t happen, then the ugly side of Mr. Trump reared it’s ugly head and the rest is now history.

We praise the Republican leaders of Georgia, the judges throughout the land and other state governments who stood firm in the truth, not the politics, and in the end we all won.

The take away is , America was briefly shaken but withstood the test of the “easy” way, and stood tall and firm in what makes us ALL so special- truth, justice, and resultant freedom. Waving a flag doesn’t make someone an American, But accepting truth, and the right to express an opinion, makes us American for sure.  

Charlie Hall