Voter fraud and the Banana Republic

Is there a time in American History we have witnessed such shameless action by a political party the Democrats are now committing? I do not think we can condemn the entire Democratic party. The average Democrat is not really much different in wants and needs from those of the average Republican. The conductors of this orchestration of fraud, are the people at the top. I hope this does not go all the way to Biden, but I am sure it does and seems as if it could involve Obama also.

I am relatively certain Democrats do not want unfair elections even if their candidate loses. I am sure most Democrats do not want their cities burned and looted. I am sure Democrats do not want abortions right up until the time of birth. This has nothing to do with women’s rights. It has to do with slaughter of the unborn innocents at time of birth. Call it what it is, infanticide, or the killing of babies. If a woman wants an abortion while she is in labor, deliver the baby and give her a hammer to get rid of that baby. Then put her in prison where she belongs.

The problems Democrats have with knowing what is going on is they are only exposed to liberal media, so they are about as educated as someone who gets their news from a comic strip, or worse yet only sees lies. I take the time to watch and read both liberal and conservative views. Sometimes it is difficult to know they are both reporting from the same country. The liberals’ country does not seem to have rioting in the streets or looting, and killing babies is so minimalized, it almost seems to be alright from their view.
The question you should ask is, how do I know the information I read or see on television is correct. I guess when I see cities being burned and looted on a conservative station and the action remains unreported in liberal news, something is wrong. I do not think this burning and looting is staged to supply news for conservative stations. Why do liberal sources not report this, or if they do report it, why minimalize it? They do this because liberal politicians choose to do nothing about this disgrace.

Reading a paper, or for me a medical journal, as a physician I must sort out the truth for my patients. The average person cannot read a medical journal and grasp what is true and what is false or hyperbole from a drug company. We physicians must do this for the people we care for. Today everything now is attached to someone’s billfold. Money runs everything.

It has now gotten to the point we physicians cannot easily discern what is a good study and what is a bad study done by Big Pharma. Most medicine is now a capitalistic game, not the one of altruism and selflessness in the world I lived and practiced in. A once noble profession is now a money game. We still have great physicians, but how well do you think great physicians last in a money game run by corporations? They stay relevant to the corporation as long as they can meet their quotas.
Right now, liberal media is reporting the elections are all legal and there is no fraud. The trouble is they are all bought and paid for by liberal money. Liberal media does not show up at any of the hearings to report on them. They just keep reporting the elections are cleared of all fraud. They are lying to the American public.

I have been watching the hearings on television. What I have seen and witnessed is sickening, disgusting and appalling beyond belief. The witnesses coming forward are more than credible. The are all witnessing to fraudulent activities and have all signed affidavits as to their truthfulness with all the accompanying penalties if they lie.
What is going on in our country right now is one of the largest scandals our nation has ever seen. This must be seen to finality if our Republic is to survive. If anything is ever going to bring Republicans and Democrats back together, it is this. Both parties fighting to save the country they love, their reputation and their flag.

This is not a fight between Biden and Trump. It is not a fight between Democrats and Republicans. It is a life and death fight to save our country. We all must recognize the seriousness of this and fight together the same as if we are entering a world war, and right now this is a world war with some of our top leaders in league with our enemies.
Americans, please look beyond our petty squabbles. They all pale in comparison to what we are fighting for. God bless all Americans and please God, give us the wisdom we need to save this great nation. Please come together America to preserve our wonderful nation, one that was once the greatest country on this planet.

Rick Redalen, MD, Maverick Doctor.