Little doubt

There is little doubt the election of November 3, 2020 is going to the supreme court. It will be going there for a decision on it’s constitutionality and perhaps other questions regarding the law as well. It is claimed many constitutional laws were broken during that election. However what “the Justices” do (or can do) to negate the obvious wide spread fraud perpetrated upon the American people is not clear at this time. It would seem there is only one way to truly fix what went wrong and that is another election WITHOUT unsolicited mail in ballots except normal absentee ballots (for the elderly and disabled) that are requested through a process designated by the state and solicited by the individual(s). I am aware many will say there is not time to do it over but after all this is our nation we are talking about here and time is of no consequence when it comes to the nations survival and/or security.

There is also little doubt President Donald J Trump won (it was obvious the night the of election) however mail in voter fraud was so prevalent (huge) the win was negated by all the illegal ballots. At least 80 million ballots (possibly more perhaps millions more) were sent out, unsolicited, to all registered voters, in certain states, even those who have moved and/or had become deceased and not removed from the voter register (this is prevalent in nearly every state). It is even rumored some ballots went out to animals like pet dogs and cats. As a matter of fact many deceased people as well as pet animals even voted I understand. Furthermore, many different batches of thousands of ballots turned up mysteriously and all, everyone of them, on several occasions were for Biden ‘ONLY.’ As a matter of fact the only mark on the ballots was a vote for Joe Biden the rest of the ballot was blank. Certainly receiving thousands or hundreds of thousands at the same time like this is an improbability at the very least! We all know that! It is also said more people voted in some states then there are registered voters in those states. Now just how is that possibly legal? If true does that in itself demonstrate fraud has taken place? However, it has happened before with no investigations and therefore no consequence whatsoever.
A landslide was predicted for Joe Biden called a blue wave however it did not materialize. It had to be predicted because the hard left knew how much fraud was being perpetrated so predicting it was necessary to make it look at least a little more acceptable in the eyes of some conservatives. That is also why the polls were so skewed.

One thing is absolutely for certain if something is not done now to restore the confidence of the American people regarding the election system here in the United States of America, America will be no better then a third world country where votes do NOT count, or matter, at all. As it is rumored (and controversial at least) Stalin once said it is not the person who votes that counts it is the person who counts the votes. We all know what kind of country that was in don’t we? Totalitarian! Stalin was an iron fisted dictator who murdered millions of his own people. We Americans can also rest assured if something is not done to investigate all the perceived fraud and assure a legitimate election in the future this is the beginning of a very long streak of fraudulent elections in which republicans cannot ever be elected at least to the executive branch of government for now and once perfected better to the legislative branch as well. Make no mistake they will be working on that because their goal is one hundred percent complete control over “everything.” In essence it really makes no difference which political party wins (although many of us may have a preference) an election but it does matter if the election was fair and the “peoples choice.” The election on 11-3-2020 was neither!

Not withstanding the socialistic propaganda spread by college and university professors as well as the main stream media every ‘true’ American should be able to see right through the fraud displayed somewhat openly during this election. If not America is not dying it is already dead!

Donald (Don) Bitler