Voting recommendations

With our state being a target and outside money flowing in to change our state from red to blue, we recommend that a “straight” ticket –   Republicans:

President  and VP – Trump and Pence

US Senate  – McSally

US Rep – Schweikert 

AZ Senate- Ugenti-Rita

AZ Reps  – Chaplik and Kavanaugh

AZ Corporation Commission – O’Connor, Sloan and Marquez-Peterson

County Supervisor – Chucri 

County Assessor- Cook 

County Attorney – Adel

County Recorder- Richer 

County School Supt- Watson 

County Sheriff – Sheridan

County Treasurer  – Allen 

Scottsdale Mayor – Borowsky 

Scottsdale City Council – Phillips and Durham (these 2 only)

Community College Board – Boggs

CCUSD Board – Busbee, Thatcher and Wilson

Most of our judges are rated excellent.  The suggested “no” votes.  

Az Supreme Court – Brutinel

Maricopa Superior Court  – Cohen, Driggs, Gentry, Hannah and Lang

Maricopa court of Appeals Div 1 – Howe, Perkins and Weinzweig

Proposition 207  – Adult use, regulation and taxation of Marijuana in AZ –    Vote NO

In the “What’s on my ballot” pamphlet that was mailed to AZ voters, there were 10 letters in favor of this proposition and 101 against it.   Our discussion included the headaches of other states that have legalized it – driving under the influence, younger kids access, money not getting to education, outside money influencing the bill.  The primary money for support of prop 207 are the existing and future vendors who would be the beneficiaries. 

Proposition 208 – AZ Education Funding –  Vote NO 

      Our discussion included funding education but the answer is not imposing a 3.5% surtax on families making $250,000 and over  Our growth has been steady because of an attractive tax base.  This will make AZ the 9th highest overall taxed in the country.  Future business is forecasted to drop 15% or 124,000 jobs, $2.4 billion lost in revenue, 8% of our wealthiest people leave AZ. and there are no accountability features to improve education.    Steady growth will benefit education funding.

Proposition 449 – Maricopa County Special Health care District – Vote No

This tax levy is due to expire in 2024 when its 20 year life span concludes.  Our recommendation is to wait until our next election in 2022 and evaluate this proposition at that time.       

More info for those interested:

Voting will begin in 5 designated locations on Oct 7th. None of the polling spots have been announced at this date.   As the election date gets closer, more and more polls will open up.     You can mail or drop off your mail in ballots at any of the polling spots.  If you want to vote in person and have received a mail in ballot you must vote on election day Nov 3rd.  Bring your ballot and the envelope with you. is a site that should have addresses of polling spots and also where you can check to see if your ballot has arrived.  Our precinct’s website “” will also polling locations as they come.       

There was an email going around that showed ballots with an R or D on the outside of the envelope.  They were ballots in a Primary election which need that info.  No R or D is designated on the outside of the General election ballot.  

Trump needs a Senate and House to help him get things done.  Our state is Republican by the slimmest of margins.  Our city of Scottsdale needs strong conservative leadership.  We could only recommend 2 strong conservatives for the council and we suggest you don’t bother with the third vote that is optional.

Never forget how important our votes are!  We are probably the reason that Chaplik won the Primary by a 1000 vote margin and why Jim O’Connor made it even though you had to “write in” his name. 

 In 2018 election, in our district, 23,000 registered Republican voters did not vote.  We all need to encourage voting.  

Please share this info.  It is up to each and everyone of us to be active in this election.  The outside money that is flooding into our state is evident in the TV ads. All our candidates could use donations.  About 25% of our voters in AZ are Hispanic, try talking to those that you encounter in your every day lives. 

We are in this together. ” Let’s roll ”         

Arch McGill