Good things will happen

Yes, I think black lives matter, but so do all other lives. Especially important to me are the lives of our men and women who serve our country in our military because they are the ones responsible for the freedoms we have, including the freedom to practice any religion, speak our mind, and even demonstrate.

There is no way we can repay the sacrifice they and their families have made to keep our country safe. Also high on my list are ALL our first responders here at home, including our police, fire, and medical personnel who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe and respond when we need help. Do some police abuse their power? Sure there are always a few bad apples in any group but the vast majority do their best to keep us safe and we have a system to take care of the bad ones.

It all works if we let it work. Our police force is the only thing between us and the really bad people in our society, who steal, rape, pillage, destroy, and murder innocent citizens so I really appreciate them putting their lives on the line to protect us from the bad elements. We would have to be crazy to defund our military and our police, rather we need to respect and support them and give them everything they need to do their job, which is protecting us.

As for all our professional athletes who dishonor our flag, our country, and all those who sacrificed to protect our freedoms, by taking a knee when our National Anthem is played, maybe they should move to another country and see what their lives are like there. They obviously don’t appreciate what they have here and why they have it. So let’s get our priorities straight, be thankful we are living in this great country, and good things will happen.

Howard Myers