Carefree-Cave Creek DFL Leadership Academy created

The Carefree-Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce and The Holland Center has announced the creation of the Desert Foothills Leadership Academy (DFL). This exclusive partnership is driven by a strong community desire to be a part of the creation of our future leaders. The partnership’s mission is to educate, energize, and engage emerging leaders with a goal of enriching community life while responsibly sustaining our natural resources for generations to come. All of this is done through a focus on strengthening participants’ understanding of the Past, Current, and Future potential of the Sonoran Desert Foothills.

“The Leadership Academy was created after an unmet need was identified through focus groups and discussions with our members and community stakeholders,” said Patty Villeneuve, President/ CEO of the Carefree – Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce. “Our hope is to fill this need and become an important component in the development of the future leaders of our community.“

“There is so much to know about the Desert Foothills Community and our partnership with the Chamber will allow us to tap the necessary resources and knowledge base, and our graduates will gain the insight needed to best serve our community,” said Jennifer Rosvall, Executive Director of The Holland Center.

The Academy will take place over an 8 month period and include both on-site and “classroom” training incorporating subject matter experts presentations, on-site tours, panel discussions, and hands-on training. Areas to be covered include Health Care, Tourism, Technology, Sustainability, Innovation, Education, Land Usage/Growth, Social Services, Arts, Local Issues, Transportation, Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), Leadership Training/Styles, and Public Safety.

The Inaugural Academy is scheduled to begin January 2021 and will include up to 20 participants. For additional information or to apply for the Academy, please visit us at: