Anti Trump HOA

Rancho Manana HOA issued me a violation for displaying a life size cardboard cut out of President Trump wearing a red Make America Great Again hat giving a thumbs up. Trump measures 5.5 sq feet, well under the allowable 9 sq feet. Political signs in this development cannot be displayed earlier than 71 days before an election and no more than 3 days after Election Day. The new community policies were amended in May of 2019. The prior policy was no earlier than 90 days. Hmm, I wonder why. Rancho Manana HOA has classified this violation of Article 10 section 10.9 as a Restrictions/Storage issue. There seems to be a strong political bias within the HOA trying to enforce only their favored candidates. As a result, the HOA appears to be censuring signage to their favored candidate and disallowing freedom of individual choice. Could this possibly be another case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

I’ve witnessed the ‘Never Trumpers’ giving him the bird, mouthing obscenities, and launching a Big Gulp at him, thankfully they missed.
President Trump stands proudly on my second story deck for all to see. He’s much safer up there. No telling what would happen if he was on the ground floor.

Joyce Kirkpatrick
Cave Creek