Thank you

Words aren’t sufficient to thank the Rural Metro Fire Department for their great service on July 5th.  A brush fire behind our house had quickly spread to our garage, casita and greenhouse and could have spread to our main house had the fire department not arrived so quickly.  They worked continuously, kept us updated and made sure we were safe.  They gave excellent information as to things we could do to keep our property and ourselves safer in the future. Our Sheriff Deputies and Town Marshal were also here and great at their jobs. Thank you all again so much.

We also want to thank our friends,  -Andie, Sherry, Renee, Tracy, Janet, Brenda, and Mary- who worked for three solid hours to help us clear up any dangerous ground cover around our house.  These ladies are the BEST!! Despite these difficult times, there are still people willing to share love and energy. We are truly blessed!

Christine and Jim Grubb
Cave Creek