Schmitt response

Gary Schmitt opens his current rant with “that’s how I prevailed in preserving Spur Cross” denigrates Melissa Paxton’s “cute piece last week,” and signs off as “ Founder/President, Friends of Spur Cross Coalition.” He’s never once mentioned that Barry DiSimone joined him in sounding the first Spur Cross Ranch Development alarm in this publication, and whom I considered to be the more dynamic and innovative founder of the movement. In 1996, I was at El Encanto when Barry and Gary first connected with Melissa, and with the subsequent formation of Friends of Spur Cross. Her striking Mountain You graphic on fundraising t-shirts and attention keeping signs was crucial to our landslide vote for the property tax to cover one-third of the purchase of the ranch. (Former Vice-Mayor Ralph Mozillo’s financial sagacity has the bond paid off years early.)

Gary’s former wife in the those days is now re-running for the Town Council that he urges us to replace. While he questions Melissa Paxton’s agenda, I wonder about his.
Thank you,

Judy Darbyshire
Cave Creek