The Ugly Cancer in Carefree

I can no longer remain silent. Lyn Hitchon, is at it again with her dirty politics. Hitchon, who was a three-time failed candidate for Carefree Town Council, has again gone on another mud-slinging campaign against three of Carefree’s most prominent citizens, current Councilman Gene Orrico, former Vice Mayor Glenn Miller and Michael Sloane. I personally know these men, and highly admire their dedication and commitment to Carefree. Lyn uses her newsletter as a campaign weapon for Mayor Les Peterson and his slate of “yes” council members. If you ever attend a Carefree council meeting, there is never a serious debate of consenting views from the current Peterson slate. It’s all orchestrated through back-room dealings, and executive sessions. I know because I served on Carefree town council for 7 years with these people. You either tow the line with Peterson or he will set the Hitchson dogs on you to attack your character and malign you publicly. She has a long history of creating havoc in Carefree, that it’s widely known former Mayor Ed Morgan offered her a position on P&Z in an attempt to curb her unruly behavior.

So, don’t be fooled by Lyn Hitchon, this has been her modus operandi for years. She even supported Peterson and Vice Mayor Crane when they sued our own town to overturn Carefree’s voter-approved term limits. They falsely claimed it was necessary because there weren’t enough candidates to run. That has never been the case, as we see currently, 9 candidates running for 6 council seats. We’d have more candidates, but people are afraid of Hitchon’s vulgar attacks and lies. Lyn doesn’t bring unity, she brings division and hate to Carefree. Yes, when I ran for mayor, the Hitchon machine was in high gear. If you want people like her to remain on Carefree’s council, then vote for Peterson’s slate. Sadly though, we’ve seen too many politicians run for office on smear campaigns like theirs, and it’s disturbing to see. If however, you want honest, independent thinkers that sincerely care for Carefree’s future, and will eventually bring back our beloved Christmas festival, and sincerely promote our cherished community, I encourage you to vote for Orrico, Miller and Sloane. Their hearts are in the right place.

Michael Farrar