Compensation corruption at Cave Creek Town Hall

Tell me everything – Show me nothing.

Did you ever notice that when someone at Town Hall says, “Let’s get the facts straight,” they provide no meaningful details? What they are really doing is deflecting and hiding the truth from the public. Why?

Here is a fact that Town Manager Carrie Dyrek does not want you to know. This fiscal year the town manager’s base salary is $170,000 plus thousands in a lucrative benefit package. For example, based on accepted rules of accounting the car provided to the Town Manager adds $25,000 to her annual salary. Then add in thousands more for retirement, life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, vision insurance and dental insurance – well you get the idea. The $220,000 per year in total compensation is more truthful than the information spewed from the propaganda machine at Town Hall.

Now here is more truth Town Manager Carrie Dyrek won’t tell you in her editorial. It is referred to an an “in-kind” campaign contribution courtesy of you the taxpayer.

Recently, Mayor Ernie Bunch recognized he was in hot water with voters. The problem was a cover-up involving the outrageous salaries paid to town employees. Suddenly, two paid Town employees generate a public relations campaign designed to help the Mayor’s re-election campaign. Tara Alatorre, the Town’s taxpayer funded public relations manager, was responsible for “assisting” in getting the Town Manager’s article written and published. Town Manager Carrie Dyrek’s editorial was designed to help the Mayor Ernie Bunch campaign with the publication of an “advertorial.”

Don’t the taxpayers of Cave Creek deserve to hear the truth? It is difficult to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. without first draining the swamp at home here in Cave Creek.

John Hoeppner
1985-86 Cave Creek Incorporating Committee