August 4 is Election Day

We are in the midst of some of the most difficult times I’ve seen in my lifetime and it has been a long one. Cave Creek town government, as do all city and town governments, needs to be open, transparent and highly effective. Mayor and council are elected to serve our citizens by operating our town government as we operate our businesses and conduct themselves as we conduct ourselves.
Tough going right now, but that means we need to carefully choose these people. Cave Creek, although small and unique, requires the same unwavering diligence to guide and protect it as do larger, more urban towns and cities.

Leadership changes often translate into a greater level of participation by residents and we desperately need that on all levels … council, boards, and committees. Devoting time and energy to our town is demanding and requires a serious effort. If you can make a difference, have a positive impact, please come forward.

Home Rule is risky, especially now. Cave Creek Water Company and Desert Hills Water Company are continuing to drain town coffers. In addition, the Carefree condemnation and the loss of 544 Cave Creek Water Company customers to Carefree, was not taken into consideration during the water rate determination process. We will have fewer customers to bear the cost of revenue demands, which could, even with condemnation compensation from Carefree, result in even greater rate increases than are currently planned. They’re already pretty scary. It’s only for two years; we can always go back if and when Home Rule seems prudent.

My recommendation is to vote for the Cave Creek Town Council candidates you feel best serve us by making decisions we voters would make. If you like two, vote for two. If you like four, vote for four. You do not need to vote for six. Those candidates who do not receive many votes may still be on council because we have seven candidates for six seats, but they will serve knowing they lack the confidence of Cave Creek voters. Your vote or lack thereof speaks volumes. Voter tallies will dictate how many and which council members need to be replaced in the next election.

I, personally, will not vote for Paul Diefenderfer but your candidate votes are yours to decide. He has failed to gather the required number of Cave Creek voter signatures to qualify to be on the ballot TWICE. I could go on….
Kathryn Royer, with help from her colleagues, nearly destroyed traffic on Cave Creek Road with the pedestrian crosswalk signage and posts between lanes that regularly cause near accidents because drivers stop even though pedestrians are nowhere in sight.
Susan Clancy sounds like she knows what is right for the town, but when it comes to voting it’s another story. She talks the talk but doesn’t always walk the walk.

David Smith, Tom McGuire, Bob Morris and Ron Sova are solid candidates and worthy of my vote.
We need new blood, so I am urging you to vote for Eileen Wright for mayor. We need council meetings we can actually attend, Cave Creek Town Hall open 5 days a week with staff on the premises, both lanes open in both directions on our one major street, hopefully without impediments to safe driving, and events that are of benefit to more than just our businesses. We residents are the backbone of our community. We need someone who is rooting for us!

Most importantly, VOTE!! We need your voice on August 4.