Wildfire prevention – Who’s best for Cave Creek?

Yesterday Cave Creek Mayor Ernie Bunch told me – “I want what’s best for Cave Creek and you want your way.” What the Mayor is really verbalizing through projection is that he wants things his way.

Under the “leadership” of Mayor Bunch the Town nearly burned down not once – but twice. Two major human-caused wildfires in less than a month. Enough is enough! I have lived in Cave Creek for nearly 40-years without being threatened by an uncontrolled wildfire within the borders of Cave Creek. In fact, these two fires, Ocotillo and East Desert, have destroyed about 15% of the land mass of the town.
Right now, as you are reading this there is dangerous fire-starting activity going on at 75th & E. Highland Rd. in Cave Creek – Welding -Metal Grinding – Open-Flame Torching. This is going on nearly every day and the Mayor and Council will take no action to prevent a potential wildfire ignition. Why? Is it because Mayor Bunch and sycophant Councilman Paul Diefenderfer are partners in shielding Diefenderfer’s residentially based Desert Rat Forge business?

The status quo and supported by the Mayor and Council is unacceptable to the majority of Cave Creek residents. Last year a fire prevention ordinance was proposed by Eileen Wright and rejected by the Mayor and Council. In fact, they would not even put the ordinance up for discussion.

The Mayor’s recent quote in the Sonoran News is indicative of a man out of touch with needs of the people.
“Don’t think that another devastating fire won’t occur. The risk is the same as it was a couple of weeks ago.” Mayor Ernie Bunch / District Chief John Kraetz – Sonoran News (6/17/2020) 

John Hoeppner 
Cave Creek