A request of Carefree residents regarding personal fireworks

Les Peterson
Les Peterson

Almost everyone loves fireworks. Fireworks typically are used to celebrate a special outdoor event, or a special holiday. They remind us of good times with family and friends. They are part of Americana.

But fireworks also have a downside. While the vivid display they produce is exciting to view, a firework is essentially a missile, with chemicals contained in the tip that explode into brightly colored lights and light streams as they burn. Sometimes these burning chemicals have not totally been extinguished when they hit the ground.

It should not be a surprise to anyone that the Desert Foothills in which we live is in the midst of a long term drought. And new non-native vegetation which is particularly combustible has recently become established in our community. The total vegetation load throughout the Foothills is tinder dry and highly combustible, and the slightest spark or burning ember could set it ablaze. Witness the four recent wild fires which have been in the Desert Foothills area, and we are just beginning the primary fire season.
The State of Arizona has very lax laws or regulations regulating the sale or use of fireworks. Carefree, as a subdivision of the State, cannot enact Regulations which are any more restrictive that those of the State. But we can appeal to the reasoning powers and good judgement of our residents and visitors to help address this potential problem.

So, here is our request:
Please refrain from the use of personal fireworks within our Desert Foothills communities this July 4th and throughout the summer. If you want to view fireworks, we request that you go to one of the fireworks displays where a municipality is sponsoring the event. Typically, these municipalities hire professionals which launch the fireworks above ground that does not have any combustible materials located on it, or above water (e.g., the Tempe Town Lake).
Thank you for working with us on this important request.

— Carefree Mayor Les Peterson