Globe camomile

Dear Sir,

The Sonoran News has run articles before, but after the Ocotillo Fire, it seems we need an eye-catching full front page to inform residents of the Foothills again about the swift burning, invasive plant globe chamomile.
We have asked the Forest Service Rangers at the intersection of Cave Creek Road and the Bartlett Lake Road about their plan to eradicate this plant threat. They were unaware and had it growing outside their front door!

I approached a Scottsdale Fire Department officer about the fireworks being sold in Target and Safeway and then mentioned globe chamomile. He knew nothing about it!

I found two lots in our subdivision with globe chamomile growing in profusion and left your article and a short note about how we could lessen the fire danger to our neighbors. One home owner cleared his land of the plant and the other has done nothing.
I don’t understand.

So, perhaps another even more obvious article would wake a few of us up to this menace. The plants are now dry and their oily composition is a tinderbox waiting to happen again.
Would you please make another attempt to inform? This is more important than politics at this time!

Sandi Haag