Socialist Distancing

As CV19 dominates our entire news cycle,  we are urged to keep six, then ten, then who knows how much distance from one another.
The thought occurs that perhaps the guidelines should include rational people distancing themselves from the howling Socialists blaming it all on President Trump. Presumed Dem standard bearer Joe Biden is “locked-down”, safe from hoof-in-mouth disease and CV19 alike. But, we are all still exposed to Nancy, forming an anti Trump Covid-19 oversite committee or Adam Schiff’s impeachment 2.0, add that to legions of left-wing media who turn the daily briefing into a firing squad. Masks on, masks off, stay at home, one can’t avoid these lunatics claiming the President did too much or too little, but offer  no help or solutions. Who was that masked man? Certainly not President Trump he doesn’t hide who he is.
The models being used to predict the advance of the virus may be the same models or modelers that are forecasting our demise from climate  change, those doomsayers may be proven as wrong as those believing in Bigfoot, they’re guessing. ( I prefer the models on the Victoria Secret runway myself they, at least, reflect reality.) The Dems efforts are to place blame, like the Iraq war was Bush’s fault, CV19 spread is Trump’s fault. Every utterance from Nancy, Chuck, Bernie, Adam & Joe smacks of hard left politics unlike the bipartisan focused effort on the threat of WWII. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Show them no mercy at the voting booth; time for some socialist distancing.

Randy Edwards