The LEFT have nothing left

On day one, when Donald J. Trump and Melania came down the escalator, a new movement began, … The “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” movement…

Since that date, the establishment ‘LEFT’ hate began… It includes the globalist, i.e. China, etc, etc, the DEEP STATE, most elected Demoncrats (not doing what voters elected them to do), also RINO’s, the complicit lame stream media presstitutes, etc, etc…… Since that day they have attempted to pull every illegal corrupt string they can imagine to take down our successful elected PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump…… They failed the fake calumniations, Russia Russia, impeachment, etc…… Now we’re experiencing the corrupt LEFT pulling the strings with a “TEST” against Trump to take down Trump’s success of a record-breaking economy, jobs, etc. with a “False Flag Attack” designed, engineered and implemented pandemic…… The orders of a “Lockdown” in the U.S. is huge, a bigger crisis than the so called coronavirus…… It’s also a test to destroy the economy, test the tolerance of the working people, businesses (big and small), the parents of students, the stock market, etc, etc…… It’s obvious the LEFT have nothing left but to focus on this major upcoming election to take down Trump…… When will the LEFT realize that they’ve lost, they have nothing left.

Our prayers for the divine President Donald J. Trump, as he will stand strong to override and bypass this temporary test and save the U.S. to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”… Amen.

My Op… Dottie Wright