According to Pvt South

Dearly beloved, thank goodness the Ides of March is over, and hello April fool. To sum up last month is not easy, but in three years President Trump ran the Stock Market up 10K points, and a sneaky Chinese virus ran the sucker back down in less than three months. OK things will get back to normal by Christmas and surprise, surprise, a big baby boom will be going on, (Just do the math).  While the whole world is now been put on HOLD, it crossed my mind a question no one has ever asked. (Especially the press). Where would America be today if Queen Hillary would have won the election?

The stock Market would be going along with her at about 20K, while all the female Democratic loony tunes in Congress would be promoting the Green NEW Deal. BANG, the virus comes to town and the market went from 20K to 10K with no end in sight, (Not good). Florida finally closed all schools and most students just headed for the beach, (made sense to them). Would Hillary create a Virus Task Force and the main item everyone is talking about (Ventilators).What about all those ugly fossil fuels the Democrats hate, and what would be the current price of gas at the pump, natural gas, electricity and coal.

Now the good news, President Trump has become THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH because of the virus and the bad news for Democrats, dearly beloved it is an election year. Things are looking up, Easter is just around the corner, and for the first time all churches will be empty. Makes you wonder about China—-can they ever be trusted—-don’t think so. Keeping your powder dry just got harder.

Pvt South