According to PVT. South

Dearly beloved, because of the virus cities and states are closing businesses around the country and putting millions of American’s out of work creating a situation where no one can pay their Bills. Our US Congress should step up and do something that will help those who are affected. Question—can Congress pass a law where all mortgage payments and certified loans are put on hold until America can go back to work? All of a sudden the term “Made in America”, is making more sense. Thank you 45.

Looks like smiling Joe may get the Democratic nomination to run against Trump. (Perfect)  Question—if all major events are put on hold around the country, what about the Presidential election? Should it too be postponed until further notice?  What say you Schumer and Poleis? 

How many of you out there now have a year supply of toilet paper?  They have closed all the schools in Florida so all the students could head for the beach, (and they have).

It appears this virus, (as bad as it is) has called all Americans to the front line of being more concerned with abiding with our government’s suggestions on how we can fight this battle and win.  Stay tuned!

PVT South