Rodeo Days postponed / Bike Week “tones down”

“Very long and busy day (Monday). Started at 9 this morning in Town Hall for a comprehensive discussion with the Vice Mayor, Town Manager, Marshal, Planning Director, and myself and went past 11. We were discussing how to deal with the Covid19 Pandemic.
Then I went to Walmart and Sprouts to check out the “carnage”. It’s amazing what controlled panic can do! FEMA, remember them? They have always suggested that people have a 2 week supply of provisions. It’s a shame more people haven’t heeded those suggestions.
2:30 brought me to the Rodeo Board meeting where we voted to postpone the festivities until Memorial Day Weekend. After that a quick meeting with the Town Manager and Mark Bradshaw (Hideaway and Roadhouse). Mark has been following the Covid19 news for a couple of weeks and was monitoring the Bike Event in Florida. He really does care about Cave Creek and it’s residents.
It was mutually agreed upon that the Cave Creek Bike Event would be toned down in an effort to have less attendees, thus less exposures. There was no “arm twisting” involved. There will be no parking of motorcycles on Cave Creek Rd allowed (fingers crossed). Now we’re going to see the results of mass numbers showing up without the provisions we’ve always had in place. I hope it goes well.
Then a 5 p.m. executive session followed by a regular Council meeting where we were told that Larry Wendt of the Buffalo Chip has the 1 1/2 acre parcel at the base of Brenner Hill in escrow to be developed as a parking lot which will alleviate many of the parking issues in that part of Town. A long and busy day!”

Ernie Bunch
Mayor, Town of Cave Creek