Carefree’s “Keep Carefree Vibrant” Plan to Assist the Carefree Community through the Coronavirus Threat

Les Peterson

The health and safety of all Carefree residents is the top priority of the Carefree Town Council and Staff. The Coronavirus threat is unprecedented and unpredictable in its scope and impact upon the Carefree community. In recent memory, there has not been a major threat with as many unknown elements impacting the safety and health of our residents, the strength of our local businesses and the threat to the health of the Town’s Staff as they are fulfilling the functions required of local government. But our objective, while being aware of and wanting to take all of the appropriate steps to diminish the impact of the Coronavirus upon all of us, is to enable our residents to live and enjoy the Carefree lifestyle through a change in behavior rather than adopting a total “off of the grid” type of an existence. Below is the Carefree “Plan” to address this situation.

Safeguards for People Carefree is in frequent communication with Maricopa County officials, and through them, the County, State and Federal Health representatives. While each of these health entities publishes their own list of safeguards to take to help minimize the spread and impact of Coronavirus, they all include the following:

  • Stay home if at all possible. Do not gather or expose yourself to situations where you come into contact with10 or more people.
  • Keep at least a 6 foot distance between yourself and other people.
  • Regularly sanitize and disinfect all surfaces with which you come into contact.
  • Do not touch your face with any portion of your unwashed hands.

Particularly comprehensive websites for you to follow updates with the latest information on the Coronavirus virus are: for Carefree’s Local Businesses The vitality of Carefree’s local businesses and their employees depends upon the continued support they receive from local residents and visitors. Without a steady and continued flow of income, many of these local businesses will experience extreme financial hardships. To help keep Carefree’s local businesses strong, Carefree is working with local business leaders to develop a program called “Keep Carefree Vibrant.” The primary elements of this program will likely include:

  • When possible, the local Carefree business will offer take-out or curb service for foods or products.
  • Carefree residents will be encouraged to purchase gift certificates from local Carefree restaurants good for future purchases but advancing these businesses much needed income during this critical time.
  • Carefree business establishments that decide to remain open will be kept in a sanitized and clean condition at all times.
  • Local Carefree businesses will take steps necessary to keep appropriate distances between the people frequenting their business.

In spite of meeting or exceeding all of these safety standards, some Carefree restaurants may still feel compelled to temporarily close as an incremental measure to help assure the safety of their patrons. We respect this decision, and believe that they should be supported for their concern for the safety of Carefree’s residents.

Changes to the Carefree Town Government
In order to help protect the health of the Town’s Staff while providing the services necessary and beneficial to residents and local businesses, effective immediately the Carefree Town Government will:

  • Potentially reduce Staff at the Town Offices, although essential members of the Town Staff will be available via email and telephone to perform necessary services on an on-going basis.
  • Potentially reduce business hours at the Town Office.
  • Cancel all Town of Carefree sponsored events, including “Sights and Sounds” with plans to reschedule later in the season.
  • Temporarily eliminate Notary Services.

These are difficult times for all members of the Carefree community. Our overall goal is to safeguard our residents, while at the same time taking steps to minimize the negative impact to our local businesses. We recognize that we are all in this situation together, and we believe that working together on a cooperative basis is the best way to proceed. We welcome your thoughts and look forward to working together for our common good.

Carefree Mayor,
Les Peterson